Bronwyn is an Australian independent comic that focuses on the adventures of Bronwyn in the ancient world, where fantasy is blended with the ancient history of the Celts and the mythology that shaped their world.


The tale of Bronwyn came about after i began to look into the Irish ancestry of my family tree. I have always loved myths and legends



Bronwyn: Issue 1- The Prophecy: Part One (3RD Printing)

Bronwyn is summoned by (insert name) to venture into the ruins of the old temple to the Tuatha De Danann to stop the ritual sacrifice of three children.

Bronwyn: Issue 2- The Prophecy: Part Two (2ND Printing)

While in the ruins of the temple Bronwyn is finally confronted by the figure stalking her, who reveals her true linage that was covered up by those closest to her.

Bronwyn Issue 3- The Prophecy: Part Three (2ND Printing)

With the truth revealed Bronwyn has unknowingly helped spark the beginning of a long foretold prophecy, placing her in the the middle of the coming war.

Bronwyn/ The Wrath of the Cursed: Issue 1– (2ND Printing)

Bronwyn and Cole (a ancestor to the Cole depicted in Matt Kyme’s ‘The Wrath of the Cursed’) reunite to stop the fores of an old enemy from resurrecting their leader from the dead in order to reclaim a powerful relic, the Blood Crown.

Bronwyn- The Further Adventures: Issue 1 (1ST Printing)

The beginning of the anthology like prelude series that tells of the early adventures of the Celtic warrior. Story One: Rise– Ethlinn ventures into the land, the forest that was the sight of a war between the Fomorians, led by Balor and the Tuatha De Danann, led by Lugh; to gather what Fomorians remain in the hopes of reclaiming Balor’s throne for herself. Story Two: The Kelpie– Bronwyn and long time friend, Whistler come across one of Celtic folklore’s dangerous creatures, the Kelpie. A demonic horse seeking prey to drown in the depths of the river.

Bronwyn- The Further Adventures: Issue 2


Bronwyn- The Further Adventures: Issue 3– Coming Soon

The adventures in this world of fantasy and mythology continues in this new issue and 4 new tales. The first, Betrayal, discover who in Bronwyn’s life is about to side with an enemy and why. The second tale looks at one of Celtic mythology’s prominent figures; the Morrigan. The third story looks at an unexpected ally; The Knights of Artemis. The fourth story focuses on the Irish folktale of The Woman in White. This issue will also feature a cover gallery and a sketchbook offering an insight into how the book was made.

Cover variants include an amazing cover by father & daughter combo Peter J Lawson (more work can be seen in Reverie Publications Torn) and Dana Lawson as well as Foes creator Peter Wilson.

Bronwyn- The Further Adventures: Issue 4– Black, White & Red Edition- Coming Soon

The adventures in this world of fantasy and mythology continues in this new issue and 4 new tales. The first, Stone, set after the events of ‘The Blood Crown’ returns to the city to discover in her absence the Order of Light is under attack and the assailant has their gaze locked on Bronwyn . The second, third and fourth TBA, all I can say is that I will only be writing these three, and the book will feature three killer artists to add to Bronwyn’s adventures. Cover variants to be announced.

Cover A- by Isaac George- J.G Jones tribute.