Vamoose #2

This was a cool gig, I got to know the creator Rob Lisle- the creator of ‘The Devil’s Toilet‘ and ‘Vamoose‘, currently being published by Reverie Publications- by helping put together a calendar project for Shane Syddall of ComX.AU that showcased 18 of Australia’s indie comic creators. From there I further worked with Rob on ComX Studio’s ‘Presents‘- an anthology of short serialized stories from all Australian creators. Once I got the assignment Rob was a treat to work with, if you ever get the opportunity to work with him on a project, take it.

The design of the cover went through a few ideas, with the theme of “NOT ON MY WATCH”. At first I liked the idea of referencing Dali’s melting clocks, which did somewhat happen, but ultimately I settled for the design below that was warped a little further in Photoshop ending in two designs I was really happy with. The first was the lead character, Ol’ Man Biscuit with locks making up the background, however the original drawings of the clocks had a halftone filter laid over the image. In the second version

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